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The Colour Wheel were a Glasgow band who had their first big break in 1990 when they won a competition organised by Tennent's Lager under the Tennent's Live! musical promotion:

"Launched in the Summer of 1989, the Tennent's Live! CaVa Sessions competition attracted over 300 demo tapes from unsigned bands all over Scotland.  All chasing the prize of two days recording in Glasgow's CaVa Studios, courtesy of Tennent's Live!.  The overall standard of the tapes entered was remarkable, as was the range of musical styles presented.  This quality and range is reflected by the six winners of the competition, whose CaVa recording sessions are showcased on this album.  These are probably the six best new acts in Scotland.  Enjoy them!"

The winners of the 1990 competition were:  The Catherine Wheel, Botany 500, Mouth Music, Sugar Bullet, Carol Laula (here or here) and The Legendary Hearts.   The album was released on the Tennent's Live! Vinyl label under the name of The CaVa Sessions and the catalogue number for the CD is TLV 003 CD.

So, where were The Colour Wheel?  Well, at that time, they had called themselves "The Catherine Wheel".  Later on, they discovered that there was a band in England also called The Catherine Wheel that had started round about the same time and, as the English band had just been signed to a record label, it was agreed that the Scottish band would change their name, so The Colour Wheel was born.

In 1991, the band, still unsigned, released their first self-financed CD single, Primary, which won rave reviews in the Scottish Press.  TV appearances followed, mainly on Scottish Television where they appeared on The Funny Farm.  Later that year, the band, still unsigned, recorded their second self-financed CD single, Goodbye Jane, which was released in 1992.

In 1994, the band, still unsigned, recorded more than enough songs for a self-financed CD album, Darwin's Waiting Room, which was released in 1995, along with the third self-financed CD single, Mrs Mac.

More TV appearances followed and this time they landed lucky and got a national spot on The James Whale Radio Show where they played three or four songs over the course of the show.  James Whale himself announced on air that they were still unsigned and that the record labels were missing out and if anyone was interested to get in quick before they were snapped up.

The band remained unsigned.

The Colour Wheel split up in 1996, citing lack of commitment by certain members of the band who no longer turned up for practice.

The Colour Wheel - one of the greatest unsigned bands ever.


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