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Glad News

"They were vicious, wicked and evil..."

In 1999, the John Lennon International Songwriting Competition attracted an entry of some 25,000 songs.  The Colour Wheel submitted When I Was Young (from Primary and Darwin's Waiting Room) and it came in second place.


"...and she'd attack her with a crowbar unless she co-operated..."

If you want to hear The Colour Wheel, you can download an MP3 version of Sad News (from Darwin's Waiting Room) at NetTheBestSongs.com.


"For want of a better word..."

Mick Kinsella has a digital studio in his cellar, is involved in production work and he is still writing songs "to keep me sane".  He can be contacted at TheColourWheel@ntlworld.com.


"It might be an earthquake;  it might be a car crash.  In this case, it's a murder trial..."

Karin Oien is currently playing bass with Tim Rafferty.

Kenny Hutchison very often helps the Kevin McDermott Orchestra but is currently with The Last Resort.  He has a homepage of his own at http://www.kennyhutch.freeserve.co.uk and can be contacted at mail@kennyhutch.freeserve.co.uk.

Iain Mckay still plays drums and is currently living in Meissen where he teaches history and English at a German boarding school. He can be contacted at clanmckay@aol.com.  He is awaiting the reunion gigs...


"It's my first time!"

Karin Oien, John McGuire and Mick Kinsella were seen, together, in early-April 2001, holding a couple of guitars...


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